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Hello, I am a software developer going by the internet alias of "zer0flag" and I am an advocate of free software. When I say free, I mean free as in freedom. This website is dedicated to informing anyone who stumbles across it on the importance of free software and why it should be used universally, as well as providing free alternatives to commonly used proprietary software, whether it be accessed through the web or ran locally on your computer.

Free sofware is not to be confused with "open source" software. The open source movement is nothing more than an attempt by corporations to drown out the free software movement and it's values. Open source is a system of software development where the code can be audited externally, therefore making it less suseptible to vulnerabilities. However, "open source" software does not offer users the 4 fundamental freedoms of computer users and has no ethical values. Therefore, corporate open source is just as bad as proprietary software.

Small list of free, alternative software:

Proprietary Software Free Alternative
Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS GNU+Linux (or any other set of free core utilities + Linux), OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD (or anything else from the BSD family), SystemZero (obviously the best operating system)
Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Chromium Mozilla Firefox (configuration needed to remove spyware), GNU Icecat, Suckless Surf, Ungoogled Chromium (complex installation process)
Google, Bing, Yandex Metager, Swisscows, SearX (public or self hosted instance)
Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text Vim, Emacs
Adobe Creative Suite GIMP, Inkscape, Kdenlive, Blender
Microsoft Office LibreOffice
YouTube, Twitter, Reddit Invidious, Nitter, Teddit/Libreddit (consider installing the "Privacy Redirect" browser addon)
Proprietary video players VLC, MPV
Zoom, Skype. Google Meets Jitsi
WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, Discord Signal, IRC or XMPP (more advanced)

This list can be appended to pretty much forever, but this is the bare minimum for commonly used software.

Here are some technologies which should not be used at all:

A few websites which are worth visiting: